Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday May 14, 2014 (Two Weeks Until Class Is Over!)

Today on May 14, 2014 it officially marks two weeks until our last day of class! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the wind was blowing! It’s almost surreal that were almost done! Two weeks are going to go by so fast and I think when the time comes I will be more than ready to go back home. Today we had Italian class to start out and it felt like I haven’t been in Italian class in forever because I was very rusty. We just did more conversations together, fill in the blank and learning more verbs in Italian. We only have a couple more Italian classes left and then our final!

After Italian class we had a lunch break and I just took the time to relax and watch one of my favorite shows in the computer lab lol. Today Stephanie brought us some delicious cherries and bread today and they were molto bene. In class we just discuss many things that we had been experiencing so far in Italy. We compared our experience from Turin, to Rome and even to the U.S. Through all of these discussions I think I’m starting to understand that Italy is very complex and so are the people who live here. But I think it’s safe to say that it’s like this in all countries and all people. Overall I think it was a very good discussion for about three hours.

After class later on Claudia and I started to prepare for our trip to Barcelona this weekend at my place. We figured out transportation and how to get to the airport and our hostel. We also looked up things to do and see in Barcelona, Spain. We're so excited and we can't wait to see Barcelona and she can’t wait to speak Spanish! 

-Shontia C.W. 

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