Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Monday, May 19th

We had Italian class this morning from 9:30-11. I left my apartment a little early to get a couple apples from the market outside and also stopped to get a cappuccino and a croissant. I'm going to miss these Italian breakfasts! During our lunch break we walked around, went to the cafe Stephanie took us to where they have delicious fresh juices and beautiful coffee art.

During our class in the afternoon, we reassessed our frames of references since we've gotten here. This is an assignment we did at the beginning of the quarter, its purpose is to identify our own perspectives on the world, to understand why we see the world the way we do and to learn about our peers as well. We all took turns sharing, and it was really interesting to see how people have changed over the past two months. I think we've all grown and matured a lot, so it was really nice hearing how everyone has think they've progressed.

We also had a guest speaker, Marco Wong, who is a second generation Chinese-Italian who is running for city counsel. It was really interesting to hear about his experiences growing up as a Chinese-Italian in the 60's and 70's. One thing that stuck out to me was that a lot of people assumed he was adopted.

After class, a couple of the girls and I went to this local cafe with wi-fi to work on our projects. They had aperitivo also, which is when you buy a drink (I got a soda) and then get a plate for the buffet. So I had endless food while doing some research. ;)

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