Friday, May 16, 2014

Hola from Barcelona!!!

This morning we visited the metropolis of Rome - an ex slaughterhouse turned into a living community for all different kinds of people. It was a fascinating area to visit because it was such a diverse community all living together in harmony and democracy. They have weekly meetings to decide on their political goals and their future direction as a community. A lot of the children that live in the metropolis go to school at Iqbal Masih, where me and a few others do service learning! One of Rainy's students found her in the metropolis and we all got to meet him! It was adorable.

After the visit we took the hour long bus journey back to Campo do Fiori, got a quick kebab for lunch, printed our boarding passes (which was quite the ordeal) and took a taxi to the airport. I'm still not used to how crazy the drivers are in Rome - they drive all over the place!! We made it to the airport finally and through security no problem. Our flight boarded late which was frustrating but we still made it into Spain almost on time so it all worked out. Our cab driver from the airport dropped us off a couple blocks in the wrong direction but we met some kind Americans who told us where to go. Turns out the apartment we booked was more like a flat, shared with some nice French men, so they helped me with my French a little bit which was nice, and complimented my accent! We wandered around the surrounding area a little bit and found some cute red bikes to rent tomorrow to wander the city. It'll be hilarious and adorable and I can't wait!

Anywho, tomorrow we plan on visiting all the beautiful sights in Barcelona as well as laying out on the beach for as long as possible. I can't wait!! Even though it's so close, Spain is so different from Italy and such a refreshing weekend getaway! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Ciao! Xoxo

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