Thursday, May 8, 2014

March 8th, 2014

Ciao from Torino!

Today we woke up early because some of us got breakfast with Stephanie near the hotel/hostel before class. The cornet (croissants) there were to die for. I really want to go back again before I leave Toronio. Afterwards we ended to a preschool that is literally 2 seconds from our hotel. We stayed there for most of the morning. It was really awesome! The preschool basically changed their thinking to be much more of a progressive and intercultural school. They work with children from 0 to 6 years old. They also mix a lot of their classes so you can find four, five and six year olds all together in class, which is super unique in Italy. We watched some of the younger kids paint, before some of the older children joined them. Afterwards we went upstairs because some of the older kids had a surprise for us. They spoke to us in minimal english and gave us italian or american flags that they had made in class. They also sang many songs, including on I knew from girl scout camp, I almost cried from the nostalgia  - I hadn't heard the song in several years. I also met a woman at the preschool who is a special education aid, she told us she is 70 years old. I hope to be her some day.

After the preschool we ran to the market to get some delicious fruit before heading to high school that Stephanie had taught english at. At the high school we spoke to an english class and they showed us many presentations about intercultural programs at the high school. It sounded really interesting, all of the different programs. Their english was superb (even if they told you otherwise). We had a break after the high school to take a nap or walk around the park. At 5 some of us met up to go to the Egyptian museum. I always had a huge interest in Egyptian culture from a young age, so I loved seeing the museum and walking around. We then headed to this incredible pizzeria for dinner before having a chat with a religion teacher and an intercultural mediator. It was quite an intense, long, but worthwhile day.  I can't wait to see what Torino brings tomorrow!

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