Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday, May 22nd.

Today was just another sunny day in the beautiful city of Rome. Early in the morning, Sydney S. and I went to the coffee shop next to our apartment in order to productively work on our projects for a couple of hours. After we got a good amount of work done we went to Piazza San Cosimato to buy some fruits from the local market. Around twelve o'clock most of us headed out to Tor Piggnatara for the service learning. When Lorraine and I got to Pisacane we found out that the classes that we do service learning at weren’t in school today. I still went to the garden to say hi to a few second-graders that I play with every time I come to Pisacane. The kids were very happy to see me and asked me to go to their classroom today since my regular class wasn’t there. I went to their class with them and enjoyed helping them with their crafts during an art lesson. I was really impressed by the amazing skills and the creativity level of these children. Some of their artwork was absolutely astounding. Also, I never leave service learning empty-handed. The lovely kids always give me all kinds of flowers, bracelets, their drawings and today I even got a pen. J These are the most precious little gifts that I’ve ever gotten. After the service learning Lorraine and I headed to Via del Corso to do some shopping. We went to some of our favorite stores including Zara, H&M, and Brandy. Once we were exhausted from shopping we headed to Rione Monti to get some gelato and walk around in that lovely neighborhood. Soon later we got hungry and decided to get dinner at our favorite restaurant in that area. When we were taking a tram back to Trastevere we met some cool people from New York who were visiting Rome for a week and were able to recommend them a few of our favorite places. Tomorrow many of us are leaving to different places for the weekend and then we are on to the last week of our study abroad journey. It is definitely a bitter-sweet feeling. Have a great weekend everyone. Be safe and have fun!

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