Monday, May 26, 2014

Sunday May 25th, 2014

Today on this beautiful HOT sunny Sunday in Rome I woke up very early for beach day! I always wanted to go to a beach near Rome and I decided to go with Sperlonga! I went with Sydney, James, Rebecca and this guy name Matteo who was Sydney’s friend. We all meet up around 10am to catch the train at the Termini and we barely made it in time to catch the train. The train was headed towards Naples and it was super packed and there were no seats so we had to stand for half of our journey. That was my first time having to stand on a train and it wasn’t fun lol. Then when we got to Fondi-Sperlonga we also had to take a bus that was jam packed! But when we finally arrived to Sperlonga at the beach it was all worth it because it was beautiful! I mean I felt like I was in paradise, the sky was clear and the water was aqua blue. We went down to the beach and just laid out and they all tanned and we got in the water! It was just such a fun but relaxing day which is just what I needed! I haven’t went swimming in so long, it felt so good to swim! We also had these drinks on the beach that reminded me of snow cones, it was crushed up ice and flavored syrup on top of it… Yummm J We stayed there until the last bus came around 7:40pm and I we didn’t get back to Rome until around 9:30pm so we were all beat. Also Sydney and James got sunburn and were really red after we got back lol but I think we all thought today was just amazing! I can’t believe many of us are a few days away from going back home! I’m going to enjoy my last few days here but look forward to being home with my loved ones!

- Shontia Copeland-Walton

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