Saturday, May 10, 2014

Friday, May 9th--Torino Day 3

Veronika Patrashko

Friday was another great day spent in Turin. We visited one of the most amazing preschools that I have ever been in. It has a big property with a nice garden and a playground. The school is wonderfully decorated inside with kids art work and many other creative posters. I was very impressed by one of the many posters in the lobby that had a world map in the middle and many children around it. On the sides of the poster there were flags of the countries from where all of the children come from and their names under the flags. I found it very creative and inspiring. The children in this preschool do many interesting projects and also participate in the initiatives for contemporary art. All around the school there a many pictures documenting many activities. Another fascinating thing about this preschool was a library where children spend time reading and preparing to participate in the book fair. Also the building of this preschool was built by a famous Turin architect in 1980s. He focused on the open space and structured the building "to be open and not closed to the outside world". There are a few great workshop areas with many different materials that are located at the level of the children so they can easily access them. Personal hygiene and autonomy is very important in this school. All of the classrooms are very intercultural and have mixed age groups. Visiting this preschool and meeting the children was an unforgettable experience. 

After the preschool we visited the biggest market in Turin. It's a huge market where you can find pretty much anything you can think of. It's a very intercultural market and a few of us met some interesting people. 

After the market we walked around Turin, did some shopping, visited beautiful piazzas, and even tanned in the park by the fountain. Finally, before the sunset we went up to the viewpoint of Turin with one of the girls that we have met on our high school visit the day before. It was a gorgeous sunset with the beautiful view of the city. Overall, it was a wonderful day and all of us absolutely loved Turin. Now we're all headed in the different directions for the weekend: Aosta, Venice, Nice, Verona, and Milan. Have a great weekend everyone!"

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