Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunday May 18th!

I spent Sunday in Barcelona!! Shontia and I had such an amazing time enjoying Barcelona's beauty! This day was full of adventures! We started off our day by going up a tower to watch a great view of Barcelona! It is such a beautiful city and very different from Rome! As I was walking through the streets of Barcelona it was refreshing not running into people smoking cigarettes! So I'm glad that I took a break from that. Also, I was so happy to be able to understand everything and everyone. I got to use my Spanish and interact a lot with the locals to find more about their lives and about Spain in general. We found a very nice restaurants to eat where the staff were so nice and friendly! I really liked the environment and the people. In one of the restaurants we got free slices of cake for dessert, free glasses of wine, free appetizers and we got our entree discounted! It was great! I plan to go back to Barcelona next year so I will definitely go back to that restaurant to eat their delicious plates and visit the staff who were so nice to us.
We also rented a bike in order to get a better tour of Barcelona and that was such a big highlight of Sunday! I hadn't ridden a bike in years so the kid in me came out as I was bicycling through the streets of Barcelona. Even though I was struggling at first to ride the bike in a straight line and almost bumping into people, it was so much fun! We rode our bikes all the way down to the beach. The beach was beautiful and such a fun atmosphere. Later on that night our hostel staff invited us to go out and see a Flamenco show which is a form of Spanish folk music and dance. It was great! I had always wanted to experience watching that and I am so glad that I got the opportunity to do so.
Our stay in Barcelona was marvelous! It was a weekend full of adventures and new experiences.

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