Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tuesday, April 29th

Today was a nice and sunny day. We didn’t do anything too exciting besides going to service learning. For the first hour of service learning Lorraine, James, and I played with many kids from different classes on the playground because the classes we’re assigned to were on a lunch break. The kids that I play with on the playground always give me flowers and bracelets and I find it very sweet. They’re super nice and are trying their best to communicate with me even though we have a language barrier. After the playground I went to the dance class with my class where I got to observe their interactions. It’s very pleasant to see little first-graders get along with each so well. They always help each other, play with each other, and are very considerate of each others needs. Closer to the end of the class I got to participate in some of their activities, which has only distracted them from what they were supposed to be doing but it was a lot of fun. Also, this upcoming Monday, my class is having an open lesson for parents and I was asked to come as well in order to help out and watch the kids while the teachers spend some time with parents. I am definitely looking forward to it.

When we got back home from service learning we decided to go to a local coffee shop to study for the Italian midterm. So Lorraine, Rebecca, Sydney, James, and I went to our favorite “No Name Bar” and spent a couple hours studying for the Italian midterm. We also got some help from the owners son Stefano who works at the coffee shop. After spending a few hours on getting ready for the midterm we got some gelato and headed back to the apartment.

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