Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday April 24, 2014

Today was a beautiful sunny day in Rome, Italy! Earlier in the day we had Italian class and that’s always fun to learn more Italian. We learned how to order more food correctly with the appetizer, first meal, second meal, dessert and something to drink. We also learned the different feminine and masculine articles singular and plural. I like our Italian teacher because she seems passionate about the Italian language and she’s always enthusiastic.

After Italian class Claudia and I went to go buy Subway for lunch and just talked and catch up. I really enjoyed our conversation because I was able to vent and just talk about my feelings. She is a very good listener and after she gave me really good advice. So afterwards I felt much better than I felt yesterday. After lunch I grabbed a little gelato before we got on the bus to head to service learning.

My service learning site is at Iq Bal Masih and I have two different 1st grade classes that I switch back and forth from. So today I had my Thursday class with Caterina and I could tell the kids missed me because it had been over a week since I seen them. It felt good to see that they liked me even though I don’t speak much of the language. It really made my week to teach them English and for them to even teach me a little Italian today.  After Caterina and I got done teaching the kids a few English words we had free time where they draw a lot. So I also started drawing as well and before you know it the kids started huddling around me. They wanted me to draw stuff for them and of course I did. But then at the end of class most of them handed me drawings that they did for me! J Today was an awesome day, I loved it!

By Shontia C.W.

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