Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

So instead of having a traditional Easter Sunday of going to see the Pope speak at the Vatican (like I was originally planning on), I woke up and headed off to the... zoo! I stopped at the Trevi Fountain along the way because there's a gelateria there that I'm in love with because they're one of the few that sells lamponi (raspberry) gelato. I swear everytime I go there it's better than the next time. Then I did my best to try to remember the route to the Spanish Steps (I hadn't been there in over a year and a half by myself) and managed to get there without getting lost! It was like my feet knew exactly how to get around.
After the Spanish Steps I walked up hill to get to Villa Borghese which is this enormous and gorgeous park in Rome. It contains several museums, the Bioparco (zoo) and many other sites. On my walk to the zoo which happens to be on the complete other side of the park, I got to enjoy people watching and all of the greenery. The park was filled with people today, some had rented bikes, quadbikes, racecar bikes, segways and other 4 wheeled vechicles while others just preferred to stroll around on their own two feet. It was nice to get a break from the city for a couple of hours and enjoy a mini "paradise" in my opinion.
The zoo was great. It wasn't my first time there, but I love zoos so I knew I had to go at least once this trip. They even had two new exhibit type things - one was to raise awareness about invasive fish and the other was all about insects and butterflies. I thought the fish exhibit was quite cool since it raised awareness about the creatures coming to the seas around Italy and you got to see them first hand. I also got to see the bears being fed, which was quite cool. They seemed so human like, even as they ripped apart their fish. By far though, the giraffes and elephants are still my favorite. I even watched an elephant feed itself hay.
After the zoo I headed back to the apartment for the day. I made a late lunch and took a nap. I also cleaned my area around my bed so now it looks great (finally). Hopefully I'm off to bed soon, I'm exhausted. Until the next time!

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