Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Monday 28-4-14

Woke up this morning and couldn't believe it was monday. I had just spent the weekend in Zagreb, Croatia with some awesome friends and really hadn't wanted to leave. Since it was Monday, I headed from my apartment to Italian Class. Italian was good, we started getting ready for the midterm we have on wednesday. I feel okay about it, we'll see how it goes. After Italian class I got my classic panino pomodoro e mozzarella from my favorite shop around the corner from campo dei fiori. I love just walking around the market and taking in the smells between classes. After lunch I headed back to class, this week is all about religion. Today we had an overview of Judaism, Catholicism and Islam in Rome. We mostly talked about the Isalmic religion since we were having a guest speaker who practices Islam come and speak to us later in the day. Class was really interesting, but I can still how this week is going to be tough. Religion is such a difficult topic for people to have non heated discussions about, I'm interested to see how the rest of the week goes, especially friday. I'm nervous to find out more about the Jewish religion in Roma and how people react to the history of the city.
After our lecture, Ejaz came and spoke to us about what it was like to immigrate from Pakistan to Rome in the late 1980's. He also spoke to us about his job, he is a cultural mediator (which comes with several tasks). It was really nice to speak with someone who went through what we have been studying and is a first hand account. I also really enjoyed listening about what he teaches to various teachers and students across the country. I'm super intrigued to see what the rest of the week looks like, until next time. Ciao!

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