Sunday, April 27, 2014


Today Sydney, James, Rebecca and I woke up in Pompeii and had a delicious breakfast at our hostel! A capuccino and nutella-filled croissant are always a great way to start the day. We were originally going to hike Mt. Vesuvius but unfortunately it was raining and we were advised not to hike it on that type of weather condition. We were bummed that we were not able to do the hike but we were excited to head off to Naples and explore that city. We took off to Naples and the first thing we wanted to do was get lunch! We walked around trying to find a good-rated pizza place but couldn't find it so we ended up in another pizza place instead. My friends and I tend to share our pizzas all the time but this time we each ordered one to ourselves! Naples is known for their pizza so we were hoping for the pizza to be extra tasty but to our dismay it tasted like any other regular pizza haha. After lunch we stuck around a bit at the restaurant watching a Chelsea soccer game.  Then we headed off to check out the rest of the city but as we started walking we noticed that practically everything was closed and there were not a lot of people on the streets. And of course it was raining all day long.  The weather reminded me of Seattle! I wish it had been a nicer day though because our shoes were so wet and that's how we were walking the whole day. We walked nonstop from the time after lunch until we took our train to Rome. Our plans didn't go the way we hoped but overall it was nice getting to experience Naples with my friends. When Sydney and I arrived to our apartment we were updating Lorraine and Veronika on how our time had gone and we were literally crying of so much laughter! It's always fun catching up with each other and getting updates on what the rest of my peers were up to on the weekend! :)

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