Monday, April 28, 2014

This Saturday, because of all the excitement from last night’s football game, I had a late start. In the afternoon around 3pm, me, Julie and Christina decided to go to Vatican. 

By the time we got there, it was all packed at Piazza San Pietro. We could tell there were many people from other countries because they brought their countries flag with them, and some people were singing songs from their own country. We thought to ourselves that there must be having some kind of events. As expected, we found out later that there were two popes who have already passed away would become saints on Sunday, so I guessed people came here early to celebrate. However, we didn’t make it into the St. Peter’s Basilica since the line was incredibly long.

We thought there would be some kind of border line between Vatican and Rome, and we really wanted to take a picture of that line. So we spent a lot of time walking around and looking for the border line, but we didn’t find it and I am still wondering if there is an actual one. We saw the security men guarding the entrance to vatican, and the way they dressed was very different. Something I didn’t expect to happen was Julie asked one of the security man that if she could take a picture with him, since the way he dressed was very different, and he refused her. They also seemed to speak better English. We wondered if they were more educated and if they lived in Vatican. 

Before we left Vatican, there were many Spanish people singing and dancing at Piazza San Pietro, so we joined them. It was really fun and we enjoyed it a lot. We really like how we can see people dancing and singing freely in Italy.

So that’s our simple and relaxing Saturday in Rome. 

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