Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saturday, April 19th
Slept in a little late this morning so I wanted to get my day rolling. However, our water heater was broken, so my roommates and I couldn’t shower until 1pm this afternoon. My apartment was all ready to go by 2:30pm and we met up with some girls from the other apartment. We had a day planned for the rainy Rome weather. We caught the 3 to Testaccio and ordered a plethora of mini pastries that was recommended to us by a blogger. Afterwards, we hopped back on a bus that took us to Monti. We walked up and down the city streets, taking pictures of cars and plants and doors (thanks, Nancy). We also did a little bit of shopping; I bought my first purchase! I got a very cute and simple silver necklace from a boutique that was tucked away in one of the many alleys. By this time, we were beginning to get hungry. Veronika and Lorraine raved about a cute little restaurant in the neighborhood, so we decided to get dinner there. It was a quaint place, with delicious food and kind prices. Afterwards, we got coconut and tiramisu gelato for dessert. However, this did not fill us up. We caught the H bus back to Trastevere where we went back to our place to relax and plan our day trip to Tivolo for Easter Sunday. Then, we went out for Nutella-filled calzones as our (second) dessert. Hey, when in Rome, right?! It was another fun-filled day of walking around and having spontaneous photo-shoots and getting caught in the rain. We also ran into an older gentleman who heard us comparing today’s rain to Seattle’s and he told us that he and his wife were also from Seattle! Small world! Although it rained, it didn’t stop us girls from throwing on our rain jackets and whipping out our umbrellas. This weather was not new news for us Seattle-lites. Ciao until next time!

Sydney Staples

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