Sunday, June 1, 2014

I am in Paris now, a lovely and beautiful city. It was my second day in Paris, and today was a busy day exploring Paris. I went to Paris two hours early yesterday, and then Sydney S, and Rebecca met me in our hotel. We went to the Musee du Louvre in the early morning because we did not want to wait in the line for buying tickets. I heard that usually people sent at least 3 hours to get tickets. We were so lucky that we found a fast pass ticket way in the exit of Metro station, and we only waited for 10 minuets in the line. When we got in the Louvre, we were so surprised and exciting. Louvre was much huge than we though before. There were many different sections. And most of the art was famous in the world. I never thought I could see Mona Lisa by my own eyes in one day, but today I did it – I have seen the most famous painting in the world. It was in a private room, but smaller than I imagined before. It was like a dream, I could not imagine how lucky I was.  We spend a few hours in Louvre. And then we went straight the way from Louvre to Champs Elysees Clemenceau to Charles de Gaulle Etolle. In the noon, we went to Eiffel Tour. We took many pictures by the anther side of river. We spend a few hours sitting on the park near the Eiffel Tour and took lots of pictures. It was too beautiful to leave.
I am so glad that I decided to go to Paris after this program finished, and so happy that traveling with Sydney S, and Rebecca. And, they really knew how to picked up good food in Paris. However, at the same time, while we passed by ice-cream store, it reminded us about Italy. So lucky that this program brought all of us together to Rome, and also gave me a chance to visit Paris and exploring European countries. We spent great two month together like a big family. Let’s all keep in touch, and meet in Seattle.
Ciao!! Have a great summer vacation!!!


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